Panama Dining Room

Panama Dining Room Weddings, also called Panama House, is more than just a wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of Fitzroy, this iconic location is a blend of industrial chic and romantic elegance, offering a unique setting for your special day.

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Overview of Panama Dining Room Wedding Venue

The Panama at Smiths Street is a marvel of architectural design. Its industrial warehouse style is complemented by floor-to-ceiling arched windows that offer breathtaking views of Fitzroy’s streets, lush trees, and the vibrant Melbourne skyline. Situated close to Melbourne’s CBD, the venue is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for your guests.

In this guide, I am excited to take you through all the ins and outs of this incredible wedding venue. From capturing the most unforgettable wedding highlights to exploring its key features, I’ll provide valuable insights into the Panama Dining Room Fitzroy. We’ll also delve into the venue cost and packages available, as well as discuss the Panama dining room capacity to ensure you have all the information you need for your upcoming event. Get ready for an in-depth journey into this remarkable venue and all it has to offer.

Contact Details for Panama Dining Room

  • Address: Level 3/231 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
  • Phone: (03) 9417 7663
  • Location: Perfectly situated along tram No.86 route, stop 18.
  • Map & Directions: Get directions to Panama Dining House.

Top 6 Wedding Highlights at the Panama Dining Room

  • Ceremonies in front of the iconic arched window.
  • Spacious warehouse setting for the reception.
  • Daytime ceremony space transforms into a dance floor.
  • Top photo locations within and near the venue.
  • Variety of packages to suit different budgets.
  • Positive reviews from past couples.

Key Features of the Panama Dining Room Fitzroy

  • Located in Fitzroy, close to Melbourne CBD.
  • Floor-to-ceiling arched windows with city views.
  • Dining room capacity up to 160 guests for seated receptions.
  • Dining room capacity up to 200 guests for cocktail receptions.
  • Large dance floor and in-house music system.
  • Free use of the ceremony venue.
  • Comprehensive services include bar and wedding planning.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Includes audio equipment, chairs, clean up, lighting, and tables.
  • Elevator access and decoration venue.
  • Delicious Panamanian food options.
  • Ample off-street parking
  • Along tram No.86 route, stop 18

Wedding Ceremony Options at Panama Dining Room Fitzroy

The Panama Dining Room Smiths Street at Fitzroy offers a variety of options for your wedding ceremony, each one designed to create a memorable and unique experience. The venue is renowned for its stunning floor-to-ceiling arched windows, which provide a breathtaking backdrop for your vows. As you exchange your promises of love, you and your guests will be treated to panoramic views of Fitzroy’s charming streets, lush trees, and the vibrant Melbourne skyline.

One of the most popular options is to hold the ceremony in front of these iconic windows. The natural light flooding in creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the spectacular views add a touch of urban sophistication. This setting requires minimal decoration, as the architecture and views are a statement in themselves. However, the space can be easily personalized with your choice of floral arrangements or other decor to match your wedding theme.

Another option is to have your ceremony in the main dining area. With its high ceilings and industrial-chic design, this spacious room can be arranged to suit intimate gatherings and larger guest lists. The room’s unique character, combined with your personal touches, will create a truly unforgettable setting for your ceremony.

If you prefer an outdoor ceremony, the Panama Dining Room is located in the heart of Fitzroy, close to several beautiful parks and gardens. After the ceremony, you can return to the venue for your reception, where you and your guests can continue to enjoy the stunning views and stylish ambience.

No matter which option you choose, the Panama Dining Room team will work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfect. Their experience and dedication, combined with the venue’s unique features, will make your wedding ceremony a truly special occasion.

Fitzroy Panama Dining Room Dress Code

The Panama Dining Room is renowned for its unique and stylish wedding venue, where the wedding dress code plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for a truly memorable celebration. At this beautiful venue, the dress code is not only about how the couple will dress but also extends to guide the attire of the guests attending the ceremony. This careful attention to the dress code ensures a harmonious and visually stunning unity with the venue’s remarkable ambiance.

With an atmosphere that exudes sophistication and chic elegance, guests are encouraged to dress in a manner that reflects the upscale vibe of Panama Dining Room. Whether opting for a formal affair with glamorous gowns and tailored suits or a more relaxed and contemporary event with fashionable attire, the Panama dress code allows for personal style choices while maintaining an overall sense of refinement. Against the backdrop of the venue’s breathtaking architecture and trendy ambiance, couples and guests have the perfect opportunity to showcase their stylish outfits, adding an extra touch of glamour to this special day.

Wedding Reception At Panama Dining Room Fitzroy

The wedding reception at the Panama Dining Room is an experience that blends the charm of Fitzroy’s industrial past with a modern, chic aesthetic. The venue’s spacious warehouse setting, with its high ceilings and exposed brick walls, provides a unique backdrop for your celebration.

As the sun sets, the venue transforms into a magical setting. The floor-to-ceiling arched windows offer a stunning view of the city skyline, creating a romantic atmosphere that your guests will remember for years to come.

The large dance floor, located in the heart of the venue, is perfect for dancing the night away. Whether you prefer a traditional first dance or a lively party with all your guests, the Panama Dining Room can accommodate your needs.

The venue’s in-house music system ensures that the music will be top-notch, and the acoustics in the warehouse space are excellent for both live music and DJs.

When it comes to food and drink, the Panama Dining Room excels. The venue offers a variety of catering options, from canapés to seated meals, all inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Panama. The bar services are also top-notch, with a wide selection of wines, beers, and cocktails available.

The Panama Dining Room also offers a range of services to make your reception run smoothly. From a dedicated wedding planner to assist with the details, to comprehensive clean-up services after the event, the venue ensures that you can focus on enjoying your special day.

In short, a wedding reception at the Panama Dining Room is a unique, memorable experience. Its stunning views, unique setting, and top-notch services make it the perfect place to celebrate your love.

Catering Option for Weddings at Panama Dining Room Fitzroy

When you choose Panama Dining Room Weddings, you can trust that they will handle all your food and beverage needs with utmost care and professionalism. Outside catering and BYO options are not permitted, as they are committed to providing a seamless and exceptional dining experience exclusively tailored to your event.

Indulge in inspired, modern menus at Panama Dining Room, where they are renowned for their trendy style and innovative culinary creations. From contemporary, flavoursome dishes to refreshing craft beverages, you can expect a dining experience that delights the senses. Panama House offers various catering styles, including feasting and set menus, ensuring that you and your guests will be treated to a memorable culinary journey.

The talented team at Panama Dining Room, led by their group executive chef, brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the table. Their menus heavily emphasise local, Victorian produce, and showcase the best of the region’s flavours and ingredients. Each dish is carefully crafted to tantalize the taste buds and create a truly unforgettable dining experience for your wedding day.

Complementing their exceptional cuisine is an extensive beverage list that highlights Australian spirits, local craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, and a diverse selection of wines. Whether you prefer a classic pairing or a unique and adventurous drink, Panama Dining Room offers a wide range of options to satisfy every palate.

Immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of Panama Dining Room and let their talented team create an unforgettable dining experience that perfectly complements your special day.

The Panama Dining Room Wedding Photography Opportunities

The Panama Dining Room Weddings offers a wealth of stunning wedding photography opportunities with its unique industrial ambience and prime location near Melbourne CBD. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Arched Windows: The venue’s signature floor-to-ceiling arched windows create a dramatic backdrop for your wedding photos. The natural light that filters through adds a soft, romantic touch to your images.
  2. Industrial Warehouse Setting: The venue’s industrial warehouse style, complete with high ceilings and exposed brick walls, offers a unique setting for creative and artistic wedding photos.
  3. Dance Floor: The spacious dance floor is perfect for capturing the fun and candid moments of you and your guests dancing the night away.
  4. Smith Streets: Just outside the venue, the vibrant and eclectic Smith street offer additional photography opportunities. The urban landscape and street art can add a colourful and edgy feel to your wedding album.
  5. Bar Area: The venue’s bar area, with its vintage charm, can be used for more intimate and casual shots.
  6. Fitzroy Gardens: Located near the venue, Fitzroy Gardens offers a lush, green setting for your wedding photos. The well-manicured gardens and beautiful pathways can add a touch of nature to your wedding album.
  7. Fitzroy Town Hall: A short distance from the Panama Dining Room Weddings Venue, the historic Fitzroy Town Hall offers an elegant and grand backdrop for your wedding photos. Its classic architecture and timeless charm can add a sense of grandeur to your wedding album.
  8. City Skyline Views: The panoramic views of Fitzroy streets and the Melbourne city skyline from the venue are simply breathtaking. These vistas can serve as a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos, infusing them with an urban chic vibe.

PRO Photo Video As a Panama Dining Room Wedding Photographer

As a professional wedding photographer, I understand the importance of showcasing the unique attributes of the venue in your photographs. The Panama Dining Room provides a distinctive and elegant backdrop that can truly enhance your wedding photos, capturing the essence of your special day.

With its captivating blend of industrial chic and romantic charm, the Panama Dining Room Weddings offers an unforgettable setting for your wedding celebration. Its remarkable architecture, exceptional services, and prime location combine to create an atmosphere perfect for making lifelong memories.

Here at PRO Photo Video, we specialize in capturing these extraordinary moments. Our team of experienced wedding photographers and videographers is dedicated to immortalizing every detail of your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for stunning photographs or cinematic videos, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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Panama Dining Room Wedding Packages and Pricing

The wedding venue offers a range of Panama wedding packages to suit different budgets. Panama Dining Room food caters to various wedding styles, comes with a different dining set from canapé-styled packages to seated meal packages. They also offer drinks packages and optional add-ons to customize your wedding experience. For panama dining room minimum spend, as well as up to date their wedding packages and pricing, please contact the venue directly for Panama Dining Room Cost.

Panama Dining Room Reviews and Testimonials

The Panama Room has received glowing reviews from couples who have celebrated their special day at the venue. Their exceptional service, stunning location, and attention to detail have been highly praised, reinforcing the venue’s reputation as a top choice for weddings.

Panama Dining Room
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Sara GreelishSara Greelish
00:31 06 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Panama Dining Room that left a lasting impression on me. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew I was in for a treat. Everything, from the food & cocktails to the service and the venue, was nothing short of fantastic.My partner started off with a Barrel-Aged Negroni that hit the spot just right. It was perfectly balanced, with that bittersweet goodness that makes you go “mmm” with every sip. I tried their yuzu sour. Talk about a flavour explosion! The tangy yuzu mixed with just the right amount of sweetness—it was like pure cocktail magic.Alright, let’s talk the food. Oh wow, every single dish that landed on my table was like a work of art. The flavours, the textures, the whole shebang—it was on point. The menu had something for everyone, and each dish was packed with flavour. We started with the Cured Mackerel – the presentation was simply stunning, with vibrant colours and artistic plating that made it almost too beautiful to eat. For mains, the succulent duck breast, cooked to a beautiful medium-rare, was perfectly seasoned and juicy. And then, oh boy, that sauce! The bitter chocolate and sour cherry sauce added a unique and tantalizing twist to the dish. The contrasting flavours of bitter sweetness and tartness danced together, and perfectly complemented the rich and tender duck.For dessert, the Pavlova was absolutely divine. The meringue was light and airy, and the dulce de leche filling was irresistibly gooey.Now, onto the service. These guys were on top of their game, no doubt. The staff was super friendly, attentive, and they knew their stuff. They genuinely seemed like they loved what they were doing and wanted to make sure everyone had an amazing time.In a nutshell, my time at Panama was absolutely awesome. The food was mind-blowing, the service was top-notch, and the whole vibe of the place was just spot-on.
Rachael AndrewsRachael Andrews
11:42 14 May 23
I’m a wedding photographer at Forever and Always Photography, and I recently did a wedding shoot here with planner/stylist Elizabeth at Weddings by E. Jason and Luke were incredible and so accomodating. This venue is not only absolutely gorgeous, but had such easy access for weddings with the ceremony and reception being in one big gorgeous space, with lots of options for photos nearby and views to die for you can’t go wrong with this space. Highly recommend!Can’t wait to come back and shoot here again and again in the future!Rach xx
Anna PrasadAnna Prasad
22:38 08 May 23
VenueFirst of all, I just wanna say how beautiful the venue looks, during the day and at night! Panama’s iconic arch windows were the perfect backdrop for our wedding.It was such a delight to work with Amber and Wes leading up to our wedding day. All communications were clear, and they absolutely killed it! Execution was next to perfection and exceeded all of our expectations.We had our first look at Panama knowing that we won’t get another chance to be alone at the venue. What can I say? As I walked through the venue towards husband (fiancé then), I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was better than what I have imagined.Panama also offers amazing food. Their menus are seasonal, so be sure to check them out! Did I mention it’s also a restaurant when there’s no weddings on the day? Definitely worth a visit!
Thomas LThomas L
11:29 08 May 22
Came here for ma boys bday even though it was #AboutAMonthAgo, and it was so good. Haven’t had food this good in so long but I got the potatoes, pork belly, lamb, duck and beef tartare. The pork belly melts in your mouth, the duck was cooked in 2 different ways, the beef tartare was so yummy yummy and you already know that potatoes never disappoints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Panama Dining Room

Can I have an outdoor ceremony at Panama Dining Room Weddings?

While Panama Dining Room is an indoor venue, it is conveniently located near beautiful parks and gardens for photo opportunities.

What is Panama Dining Room Parking Options?

There are off-street parking available nearby the venue within walking distance.

Can I bring my own caterer for the wedding reception?

No, Panama Dining Room does not allow outside catering. Their experienced team will provide delicious food and beverage options for your special day.

What is Panama Dining Room Capacity As a Wedding Venue?

Panama Dining Room Capacity can fit up to 160 guests for seated reception and up to 200 for cocktail style.

Is the Panama Dining Room wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the venue is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests can comfortably navigate and enjoy the wedding celebration.

What is the cost of renting the Panama Dining Room for a wedding?

For detailed pricing information and package options, it is best to contact the venue directly to discuss your specific wedding requirements.