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Capture timeless memories with a candid wedding photographer who tells your unique love story.

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Dromana Estate Winery Wedding Tuerong Isabelle James 207 | PRO Photo Video - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

Capturing Genuine Candid Emotions.

Creating Cherished and Timeless Memories.

Emotionally driven storytelling through candid wedding photography

Candid Wedding Photos by PRO Photo Video

Immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of candid wedding photography by PRO Photo Video.

Explore our captivating candid wedding photos and witness our unique storytelling approach.

Candid Wedding Photographer PRO Photo Video capturing amazing candid wedding photography

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Unforgettable Candid Moments Made Affordable.

Affordable candid wedding photography packages without compromising quality.

Beautiful candid wedding photos within your budget.

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Our Candid Wedding Photographer Service Approach

1. Authentic candid moments captured beautifully

2. Unobtrusive approach for natural interactions

3. Emphasis on genuine emotions and storytelling

4. Professional and experienced wedding photographer

5. Relaxed atmosphere for couples to feel comfortable

6. Customized Candid Wedding Photography Packages to suit your needs

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Candid Wedding Photo by PRO Photo Video Candid Wedding Photographer

Love in the Vineyard: Isabelle and James Stunning Dromana Estate Weddings

Step into the breathtaking Isabelle and James’ wedding at Dromana Estate Weddings in Mornington Peninsula, captured beautifully & storytelling by Pro Photo Video.

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What This Client Say About Us?

We are so in love with the photos he took! He expertly captured the happiness and the excitement we were feeling on the day.
Isabelle –

Dromana Estate Winery Wedding Tuerong Isabelle James 211 | PRO Photo Video - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

Service To Enhanced Your Candid Wedding Photography Experience

With our personalized approach to our candid photographer service, we strive to make your candid wedding photography experience with us hassle-free.

At PRO Photo Video, we go the extra mile by offering complimentary exclusive value added benefits that set us apart.

Tailored Wedding Experience

We understand your unique love story and create a customized plan that perfectly aligns with your vision, ensuring every detail is captured with perfection.

Seamless Wedding Photography Planning

Our experienced team provides expert guidance and support throughout the process, making your wedding photography planning stress-free. Relax and enjoy your special day while we handle everything.

Complimentary Online Gallery

Relive and share your unforgettable moments through a secure, password-protected online gallery for up to 1 year. Easily access and share your cherished memories anytime, anywhere.

Secure Backup For Your Wedding Photos

Preserve your precious wedding photos with our complimentary digital backup solution for up to 1 year. Your memories are safely stored, ensuring they last for generations.

Flexible And Affordable Wedding Photography Packages

Our customizable packages cater to your needs and budget, allowing you to have beautiful wedding photography without compromising on quality. Your dream wedding photography is within reach.

Let PRO Photo Video capture your wedding day in the most extraordinary way, providing stunning photos that tell your unique candid love story.

Dromana Estate Winery Wedding Tuerong Isabelle James 069 | PRO Photo Video - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

Client Testimonials

Joyful Experiences from Satisfied Clients

We were blown away by the quality, the professionalism and the number of photos that captured our day perfectly.

Hotel Dandenong Budget PRO Wedding Photography | PRO Photo Video - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

All our guests commented on his ability to capture those shots you can easily miss without being intrusive.
Highly recommended!

St Andrews Conservatory Wedding Fitzroy Rebekah Byron 087 | PRO Photo Video - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

Our photos were amazing, and our photographer was fantastic, answering my questions at all times of the day, dropping the photos off to my house and constantly checking in before the wedding.


We are amazed at the amount of shots delivered, and have really enjoyed looking through them all – so many great pics! They captured the atmosphere perfectly.


Let’s capture your candid wedding moments of your dream wedding

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    Candid Wedding Photography by PRO Photo Video

    Why We Love Candid Wedding Photography?

    At PRO Photo Video, we have a deep appreciation for the art of candid wedding photography. It is a style that allows us to capture the true essence of a couple’s special day, showcasing their genuine emotions and unique personalities.

    As an experienced candid photographer, I understand that every wedding is a distinct celebration, and PRO Photo Video value the personal touches and preferences of each bride and groom. Our goal is to establish a connection with the couple, getting to know their expectations and desires. By creating a relaxed and comfortable environment, we ensure the couple feels at ease in front of the camera, enabling us to capture authentic and intimate moments, thus resulting beautiful candid wedding photos.

    The beauty of candid natural wedding photography lies in its ability to tell a genuine and heartfelt story. From the excitement of getting ready to the heartfelt vows and the joyful celebration with loved ones, our team of skilled candid wedding photographer knows how to seize those fleeting moments that truly matter. We believe the most beautiful candid wedding photos are created when the couple feels relaxed and free to express their love naturally.

    As passionate advocates of candid wedding photography, we take pride in preserving these precious memories. Our team of talented wedding candid photographers has the expertise to capture the raw emotions and spontaneous moments that make each wedding day extraordinary. Trust us to be your dedicated wedding candid photographer, and let us document the true beauty and joy of your love story.

    About PRO Photo Video

    PRO Photo Video is a reputable and reliable photography and videography studio in Melbourne. We specialize in wedding photography, turning your natural cherished moments into everlasting memories. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about capturing the essence of your love story through stunning imagery.

    With a personalized approach, we offer a stress-free Melbourne candid wedding photography experience that caters to your individual preferences. We understand that every couple is unique, and we strive to reflect your individuality in our work. As candid wedding photographer, we aim to capture the genuine emotions, laughter, and spontaneous moments that make your wedding day special.

    Since our establishment in 2012, we have built a solid reputation for our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail. Our affordable candid wedding photography packages make us an ideal choice for couples seeking professional yet budget-friendly services in Melbourne.

    Ready to capture your love story through candid wedding photography? Contact us today to book our services and embark on a memorable journey filled with beautiful and authentic moments. Let us be your trusted partner in documenting your special day with artistic finesse and passion.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Wedding Photography Melbourne

    What is candid wedding photos?

    Candid wedding photos capture genuine, unposed moments, reflecting the true emotions and atmosphere of the day. They provide a natural and authentic storytelling approach to wedding photography.

    How do you shoot candid wedding photography?

    To capture candid wedding photography, photographers focus on being unobtrusive, blending into the background, and observing the events as they unfold. They anticipate moments, use a documentary-style approach, and capture genuine emotions.

    What is the difference between candid and posed wedding photography?

    Candid wedding photography captures spontaneous moments, while posed photography involves directing subjects into specific poses. Candid photos are unposed and capture real emotions, while posed photos are more controlled and deliberate.

    How do you always look good in candid pictures?

    To always look good in candid pictures, be yourself, relax, and enjoy the moment. Trust your photographer, forget about the camera, and let your natural expressions and emotions shine through.

    What is a current major trend in wedding photography?

    One major trend in wedding photography is the incorporation of cinematic storytelling techniques, creating images that resemble scenes from movies. This style adds drama, emotion, and visual impact to wedding photos.

    How is candid photo different from a normal photo?

    A candid photo captures spontaneous and unposed moments, while a normal photo can be posed or planned. Candid photos aim to capture authenticity and genuine emotions, while normal photos can be more controlled and deliberate.

    How do you pose candid?

    Candid photography focuses on capturing spontaneous and unposed moments, so posing in a traditional sense is not involved. Instead, the photographer observes and documents genuine interactions and emotions as they occur.

    Why is it called candid?

    The term “candid” comes from the Latin word “candidus,” meaning “white” or “pure.” It was originally used in the context of political speeches, referring to sincere and straightforward expressions. Over time, it came to represent unposed and genuine moments in photography.

    Are candid photos better than posed?

    The preference for candid or posed photos depends on personal taste. Candid photos offer a natural and authentic feel, while posed photos allow for more control and artistic direction. Both styles can beautifully capture the essence of a wedding day.

    What is the best style of photography for a wedding?

    The best style of photography for a wedding depends on your personal preferences. Some couples prefer candid, documentary-style photography, while others prefer more posed and artistic shots. Choose a style that resonates with your vision and reflects your unique story.

    What are the cons of candid shots?

    Candid shots may not always capture everyone’s best angle or be perfectly composed. They rely on capturing genuine moments as they happen, which means some shots may not meet traditional standards of technical perfection.

    What is candid photography?

    Candid photography captures unplanned moments in a candid and natural manner. It aims to capture genuine emotions, expressions, and interactions without the subjects being aware or posing for the camera.

    Are candid photos posed?

    No, candid photos are not posed. They capture real and unposed moments, allowing for genuine emotions and interactions to shine through without any direction from the photographer.

    What makes a good candid photo?

    A good candid photo captures authentic moments, genuine emotions, and tells a story. It should evoke emotion, have a strong composition, and reflect the atmosphere and essence of the moment it captures.

    Is a candid photo a portrait?

    A candid photo is not typically considered a portrait. Portraits are usually posed and deliberately composed, while candid photos capture natural and unposed moments.

    What does candid look like?

    Candid photos look natural and unposed. They capture genuine emotions, interactions, and moments as they happen, without the subjects being aware of the camera.

    Is candid photography good?

    Candid photography is highly regarded for its ability to capture genuine emotions and authentic moments. It provides a natural and storytelling approach to photography, allowing couples to relive the true essence of their wedding day.